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Can I apply for a job even if I’m not a citizen?

If you are not a citizen or do not have a visa which allows for any form of employment, then you can not apply for a job here.

However, if you are planning on moving to Malaysia, and have managed to get a work permit with a visa that allows for it, it is up to the employer.

Frequently Asked Questions

You could try to follow up, or you can check once more whether that company did in fact receive your application.

If they did, then perhaps you can ask them about where your application stands in the applicant process.

Some companies do take some time to follow up as they are probably dealing with a lot of other applicants who have applied before you, so do give them some time!
Again, it will all depend on the company you’re applying for and it will also depend on factors regarding your overall experience in that field.
All sorts! From full time to part-time and even internships! In full time you can get in entry level, junior executive, senior executive, managers and senior manager positions.

Explore Jobs in Malaysia

Kerija is here to help you find the right jobs in Malaysia and the right internships in Malaysia. With such a diverse market in the country, there are plenty of jobs that can go around and suit the right people, but how can that be done when there is such a big market?

Our job portal enables users to search for jobs hassle-free. Whether you are here to find an internship in Malaysia, a full-time job in Malaysia or even a part-time job in Malaysia, you can find them on Kerija and apply to them with ease!

With just a few clicks you can have access and info on companies that are looking for more people to join their team! We allow job seekers to search for jobs in Kuala Lumpur and all states and cities in Malaysia.

Internships in Malaysia

Malaysia has become the destination for many international students who come abroad from their own country to study here. The country has a diverse selection of reputable universities, so of course there will be plenty of companies in the country that are willing to offer internship positions.

Many students will be familiar with this while they are in University, it is most likely that your course requires you to do an internship in order to pass your course. Well, Kerija is just the place for you to find that internship!

With a section specially dedicated to internships, it will be really easy to find a company that appeals to you and allow you to gain that experience you need to further your career.

Full Time Jobs Malaysia

With that experience you garnered at an internship, it is time for you to finally get settled in a proper job! Welcome to the working life! If you are in the market for a full time job, Kerija helps you get information on the relevant positions. Knowing Malaysia’s job market, there is a diverse range to choose from. You will definitely need some assistance sorting out through all of them.

With our wide search options made available to you, you are able to find your dream job.

Part-Time Jobs Malaysia

Perhaps you are still not invested in a full time job just yet, maybe you are a student? Or you want to make some extra cash. Kerija offers a feature to search up a wide variety of part-time positions.

Doing a part time job does have its benefits! For instance, you are getting some cash! And this is great if you are a student, think of part-time jobs as another form of an internship, because like an internship, you are getting some form of experience, although they might be from a different speciality entirely, any experience is good experience to add to that resume!

From cafe baristas, to event volunteers, to deliver drivers/riders, Kerija will even show you the smallest of odd jobs if that is what you are going for! Whatever job you seek, be it minimum salaries, locations, contracted or not, all of these job positions are made available to you in Kerija.