5 Rising Jobs in Malaysia That Want Your CV

Even before we stepped foot in primary school, our parents have asked us the question:

“Who do you want to be when you grow up?”

Of course, answers vary from ‘a princess’ to ‘a dragon’ to ‘the prime minister’, all answers that’ll get an “Awww, but no. Be a doctor/lawyer/accountant” right at your preschool face.

However it’s been noted in 2019, there’s an oversupply of medical graduates in Malaysia. All of which are facing unemployment.

It’s a competitive workforce out there, whether you’re in the medical field or not. 

Don’t give up just yet as in 2019, LinkedIn analysed the millions of job titles listed by users from 2013 to 2017 by grouping them together and counted how frequently a job appeared in those years. 

The company found five jobs that saw the most growth within the 4 year period and those were identified as Malaysia’s five emerging jobs to look out for. 

1. Data Scientist 

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Judging from the name, you guessed it, this job is all about analytics. Part mathematician, part scientist and part trend-spotter, these data experts dabble both in the IT industry & business industry. They collect informative data from businesses and use it to solve any issues while predicting trends that will increase a business’s bottom line. 

Malaysia’s government also sees the potential in this job as they have started investing and collaborating with local universities to hopefully double the number of data scientist talent to 20,000 by 2020. 

2. Full Stack Engineer

Front End, Back End, Full Stack: All That You Need To Know
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Back when the tech industry started booming, you either became a web developer or web designer. But as the Internet has grown so did the job scope of these occupations. No longer focusing just on the web front end (visible parts of website/app) or the web back end (website’s databases and infrastructures), now companies in various areas than IT want fullstack which means a combination of the two. Full-stack engineers require technical skills like website server hosting and UX design, as well as soft skills like project management.

3. Drive Test Engineer

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Hired mainly by telco companies, these engineers used telco data to troubleshoot problems and develop better network coverage. This role has seen an increase in demand due to Malaysia’s high mobile and broadband concentration. Our government’s incentive for better & wider telecommunication, particularly in remote areas, definitely also helps. 

4. User Experience (UX) Design

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What used to be an exclusive hire to tech companies, UX designers have been increasingly hired by e-commerce, finance and manufacturing Malaysian companies. This is due to everyone going online. And to beat the competition, companies need a user-friendly website and that’s when UX designers come in. 

5. Content Writer

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And they said journalism was dead. Again with every company going online,  compelling and attention-grabbing content is needed to capture potential customers. No one wants to read copy that sounds written by a robot (or worse, a business grad). 

So if you have a journalism or publishing background and know your way around social media, this is the job for you!

So if any of these jobs are in your specialization and passion, lucky you! You are well on your way to employment. 

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